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The Great Shefford Youth Club was set up 2 years ago with the help of the Downland Youth Network and has been successfully run by volunteers since.
The two key principle volunteers are Virginia Parks and myself, who have managed the majority of the fundraising, club administration, sourcing kit for the club, maintenance of the van, organising of trips, organising club night events and arranging additional parental cover on club nights. We are enormously grateful to Nina and Richard, for their regular support and management of the Tuck shop and active participation on club nights.

Due to other circumstances it is not possible for Virginia and myself to maintain the current level of commitment and it is already beginning to impact the smooth running of the club.

We either need a highly committed individual to step forward to join the steering committee and help share the workloads or as discussed at a recent meeting with some parental input, to share out the workload between ourselves. At the end of the day, it is for your children the youth club was set up for and to ensure their continued enjoyment of the club we would ask for a little help in return.

There is a range of ways you can help for just being an extra person on a club night or giving a couple of hours of your time to help organise an event or activity.

Next Wednesday 13th October there will be a committee meeting at Winterbourne Cottage to discuss the ongoing running of the club. If you can help or have some ideas or contributions no matter how small please, please  join us. Call or email me now

Please view the list of ways you can help, and please tick any of the options you can help via the help form.

Alternatively give me a call or email me at info@greatsheffordyouthclub.co.uk

Thanks in advance for your support.

John Warr

01488 648786 or 07956306940